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  • What is Dry Cleaning?


    Dry cleaning is a process that cleans your garments using a liquid that does not contain water, because moisture is one of the main causes of shrinkage. Removing water and therefore moisture from the cleaning process allows fabric such as wool and silk to be cleaned without the risks of shrinking.

    Is Dry Cleaning really dry?No. This process is referred to as “Drycleaning” due to the absence of water. Instead, a special drycleaning solvent is used to remove oily stains without causing any shrinkage to clothing. Modern drycleaning washes and dries your garments all in the same machine.

  • Why should I Dry Clean my clothes?


    Dry cleaning removes tough stains that regular laundry wash will not remove without fading colors, damaging or shrinking your fabric. This process makes the garment look brand new.

  • Which garments should I wash and which should I dry clean?


    The label on your clothing will generally state the treatment of choice. Dry cleaning is generally used for silk, chiffon, satin, wool, tulle, acetate, linen, 4-ply polyester, suede and leather.

  • How quickly can I have my clothes ready?



  • After a spill, how soon should I get my garments dry cleaned?


    Preferably within 48 hours to prevent the stain to dry up as it embeds into your fabric.

  • Is it true that dry cleaning extend the life of my garments?


    100% TRUE. Dry Cleaning prolongs the life of your clothing by taking out stains that get embedded into your garment and eventually cause erosion of the fabric.

  • What can I do if my favorite shirt’s collar gets worn out?


    We are generally able to reverse the shirt’s collar. We’ll have to take a closer look to see if that’s possible with your shirt.

  • Can you clean Suede/Leather?


    Yes, but the process generally takes about 2 weeks.

  • How long do shirts last?


    The average life of a shirt is on average 35 to 50 washings. This number will change depending on the type of fabric, the laundering process and actual usage.

  • What is the fee for Pick-up and Delivery?


    Pick-up and delivery is FREE for our customers who have scheduled pick-ups on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Call us at 818.951.1166 for more information.


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